Oh, Hi 2016!

Hello Lovelies,

Happy New Year to each and every one of you! I can barely believe we are already in 2016!

My first post of the year is dedicated to my goals for 2016. I prefer not to call them resolutions, as the word has so many negative connotations attached to it.


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Taking Stock

So, lately there’s been a lot of ‘taking stock’ going on in the blogosphere (Yes, I just said that). Basically, it’s stepping back and taking a look at your life right now, taking stock of yourself in the current moment.

I read some other taking stock blogs, such as this one by my friend and fellow blogger Sam, and I really liked the idea. It kind of reminds me of the letters my friends and I would write to each other in primary school. Being the child at heart that I am, I took up the challenge eagerly. Continue reading

Rainy Days and New Beginnings

So I’m sitting on my bed with my laptop handy, getting ready to watch some New Girl. I am accompanied only by the sound of the rain outside, which happens to be one of my favourite sounds in the world. So much so that it inspired me to do some writing for the evening, which you are reading right now…..

Pluviophile (n) – A lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. May as well just call me Pluviophile from now on, maybe Pluvi for short? Continue reading


Lately I have found myself saying more and more “I wish I could but I don’t have time today”. Then I read a quote about time, which I can’t remember to the word but it was something about time being something that man has created. Something about animals not having schedules and frantically crazy weeks and months.


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