The Power of Social Media

So, I am Gia Raffaela Costella. 23. Journalist. Freedom seeker, philosopher, lover and comedian (even though only my friends think I am funny), and this is my blog.

Lately, I have found myself pondering the value we, as humans, place on social media and social networking. If you really give it some thought, it is actually quite mind-boggling.

I mean, you may have only met someone a few times, or went to school with them but never really interacted with them at all; suddenly, you become Facebook buddies, they follow your Twitter account or your Instagram account, and you suddenly feel connected to them.

Perhaps, through these online interactions, you find you have some things in common. It could be your love of fashion, your hate for modern thinking, or something as arb as your shared interest in Baobab trees. Whatever it is, that is beside the point.

The point is, these shared interests create a connection between you and this person. So much so, that the next time you see them somewhere you will go up to them and greet them without an ounce of awkwardness; something that would have never happened if it weren’t for the connection you made over social media platforms.

So, why and how does social media hold such power over us? (Asks the girl in front of her computer screen, finally starting her blog, with a Facebook and Twitter tabs open in her browser).

In my opinion, I think it is because so many of us find it easier to express ourselves through these platforms. We find it easier to form out the words using our keyboard rather than using our mouths, and we feel safe behind the shield of the computer, where the only opposition we experience is through comments. The platform means we have time to formulate a good-enough reply to the opposition, without having to think on our feet and reply straight away.

Anyone who knows me personally will tell you that I am not one of these people. Being a journalist, words come naturally to me, and I am enthralled by the knowledge I gain from face-to-face interaction with friends, loved ones and strangers on a daily basis. That being said, there are certain things I say online on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and now, in my blog, that I perhaps wouldn’t say in a face-to-face interaction.

This is not because I am leading some kind of double life (although that would be awesome), it’s simply because online speak, if you will, is different to the language and expression we would use in every day human interaction.

This brings me to another point: I think some people prefer to interact using social media platforms, because it allows them to easily be the person that they wish they were.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean this in a cynical way. What I am trying to get across is that some people who may be shy, introvert or not very self expressive, have the opportunity to be outspoken, opinionated and ‘out there’ online.

Whichever way you look at it, social media platforms are a way of modern life, and an outlet for expression and opinion sharing, which I am all for.

I have been meaning to start this blog since I started studying journalism in 2009, and now, 5 years later, here I am. If you are passionate about people, travel, good food, fashion, music, positivity and life in general, follow my blog. I hope we can learn from and inspire one another.


8 thoughts on “The Power of Social Media

  1. Beautiful Gia.. i think alot of people would be very interested in what you have to say my little one.. Congrats..and very sweert design.. ❤

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