Lately I have found myself saying more and more “I wish I could but I don’t have time today”. Then I read a quote about time, which I can’t remember to the word but it was something about time being something that man has created. Something about animals not having schedules and frantically crazy weeks and months.


This is so true. We get so caught up in our lives that we forget to actually live. We have all these schedules, we get up at a certain time, get to work at a certain time, go to gym at a certain time and make sure we’re in bed by a certain time. All the while hardly making any time for the things we love the most, or the things we most want to do.

We tell ourselves we’ll do them when we have more money, when there is a long weekend, this coming weekend, or when we turn a certain age. We are always putting things off in the name of being too busy or not having enough time.

In reality, all we have is time. However, we don’t know how much of it we have. Therefore, Time is now.


Obviously we all have things we have to do with our time, like working or going to school. Unless you’re very lucky, you have certain things that are essential to your wellbeing that you just have to do. I am by no means telling you to quit your job and just backpack across Bali for the sake of it (though that sounds amazing).

There are also those of us who never have time for ourselves because we spend so much time doing things to keep others happy. This, too, is a crime against your own life, because you don’t get to experience any of your own joy, only receiving little bits vicariously through the joy you created for others.

Of course if making others happy is your passion, then make more time for it. Just don’t forget yourself, and what makes you feel good.


What I’m saying is that we should all start making a little more time for the things we love, and the things that inspire us, because the world needs more happy and inspired people.

I have already started this project, albeit slowly. I have started making at least half an hours’ time to read my book every night, and vowed to make time for a new blog post at least once a week!


We all have things or people that we love, and that we should really make more time for. We have to start truly living, not just existing and carrying out our day-to-day activities like drones, having a little bit of fun here and there on the odd weekend when we aren’t completely exhausted.


It’s time to start living, because we never know how much time we have to live.


One thought on “Time

  1. Truer words never said!! It is sad but to do things you like you need money!! Unfortunately money is the root of all evil or rot if you like!! Well said, Gia! If only we knew how much time we have so we could plan our lives around it!!!

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