Taking Stock

So, lately there’s been a lot of ‘taking stock’ going on in the blogosphere (Yes, I just said that). Basically, it’s stepping back and taking a look at your life right now, taking stock of yourself in the current moment.

I read some other taking stock blogs, such as this one by my friend and fellow blogger Sam, and I really liked the idea. It kind of reminds me of the letters my friends and I would write to each other in primary school. Being the child at heart that I am, I took up the challenge eagerly.

So, here goes my Taking Stock post. Hope you guys enjoy it, and if you’re a blogger reading this and haven’t yet done one, do it and share it with me 🙂


Making: Endless plans for the future.

Cooking: Can’t say I do much of that. Not that I can’t.

Drinking: A cup of tea. Cannot go wrong.

Reading: Just finished a Marian Keyes novel. Looking for something new to read.

Wanting: So many new tattoos.

Looking: Through the lenses of my specs.

Playing: Nothing at the moment. My last addiction was Angry Birds.

Wasting: My life working. Please can I write a best seller and never have to work again?

Sewing: Now that I can’t do.

Wishing: That I was in London, on holiday.

Enjoying: Writing this post. Writing is my first love.

Waiting: For the big idea for that best selling novel.

Liking: One Republic’s Counting Stars, great song.

Loving: My AMAZING man, family and friends. Amazing, seriously.

Hoping: To travel the world.

Marveling: At how small we are compared to this planet, and how much there is to see.

Needing: Some sleep. Sick and tired, not a good combo.

Smelling: Not much, see above.

Wearing: My PJ’s. Favourite thing to wear ❤

Following: My dogs around with a camera, constantly. Endless Instagram posts of their amazing faces.

Noticing: That it’s almost December again, WTF?

Knowing: That positive thinking has a lot of power.

Thinking: That I really need new slippers and PJ’s.

Opening: This vine, over and over and over.

Giggling: At my cousin Paola. We have the best laughs.

Feeling: Pretty sleepy, goodnight my sweets. xx



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