4:50 am

So, while some of you might wake up super early every day to go to the gym or just to get to work, I’m one of those who wake up around 6:45. This means that, in summer, the sun is already high in the sky, creating very unwelcomed heat. (Cannot deal with being hot. Hate).

Anyway, this leads me to the point of this post. On Saturday morning at exactly 4:50 am I found myself awake and having tea with my wonderful boyfriend Michael.

I happened to catch a glimpse of the sky through the curtain and decided to open them up to see what the world looks like at that time. All I have to say is wow….


The sun hadn’t fully risen, so there was an orangey hue to the sky, spread across little tufts of clouds, whose darker colour made the skies beauty stand out even more. The morning birds were chirping away and there was a pleasantly cool breeze about.

More than the beauty of that time of the morning, what struck me most was the peaceful atmosphere. It was almost as if the world was standing still and only nature was awake. It was so beautiful and more peaceful than I could have imagined.


Truthfully, it made me want to start doing yoga and meditation right there and then on his balcony. I finally understood why people like to wake up that early and go running or do whatever people do at that time. It makes you want to be outside, breathing in that cool breeze and connecting with nature. It was awesome.

So here’s to discovering the beauty of new times of the day, and letting it fill your soul with something – for me it was peace.


Have a positive and productive week everyone, love and light.

(PS: Don’t get me wrong, I will not be waking up at 4:50 am to run, go to the gym, or anything else – except having tea with Michael, maybe….)

Xoxo Gia.


One thought on “4:50 am

  1. Now you know why I wake up soo early!!!!!
    That’s why I can never understand why people are in a bad mood in the morning!
    It is like a new day, a fresh start!! By 5 in the afternoon I can fully comprehend!!!
    After all the complications of a normal day at work.
    But like you say early mornings are beautiful, soft, gentle and healing to the soul!
    And most of all it feels like you belong in that peacefulness, which we do!
    Just that bitch of a Eve!!!!

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