A Mother’s Day Card

Moms. Aren’t they special?

Besides from the fact that none of us would be here without them (literally), I don’t believe moms get enough credit for what they have done and continue to do for us every day. Maybe I am speaking out of turn on your part, but I know I definitely don’t give my mom enough credit.

Let me start off by apologising to my mom for this blog post being late. I had planned to do it on Mother’s Day, and told her that was the reason I hadn’t included a card with her gifts. But, we spent the day at Arts on Main enjoying the awesome food, arts and crafts and revelling in one another company; and by the time I got home I couldn’t bare to open my laptop. Sorry mom, in true Gia and Graziella style, it’s a tad bit late. Graziella is my mom by the way.

Here she is, isn’t she beautiful?


So, anyway, being an only child I have always been the apple of my moms’ eye. Since the day I was born, my mom made me her whole life. Actually, make that the day after I was born, because she’ll tell you the story of how they handed me to her as I was born and I was staring at her with my one open beady black eye, as if to say “Oh, so that’s who you are”. (Her words).


Everything she has ever done in her life, she has done for me. Our relationship has not always been an easy one – we’re both fiery and dominant Aries women, born 4 days apart. She doesn’t know how to say sorry and I don’t know how to step away from an argument. We have both made mistakes and disagreed on many things over the past 24 years.

Despite this, my mom has always been my biggest supporter. She believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself, and isn’t afraid to tell me when I’m being a huge bitch (which is quite often by the way).


As I have grown from a girl into a young woman, I have grown to appreciate my mother for who and what she is. I have come to realise how much she sacrificed for me, and how much she continues to do for me every day. Through any obstacle we faced, she stuck by me. In trying times, she’s the first one I turn to; and any time I’m feeling under the weather, she is guaranteed a teary phone call followed by me on her doorstep ready to received motherly love.

This Mother’s Day (or two days after, whatevs), I feel it’s important for me to thank her, as I don’t feel I do it enough.

So, Mom, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for:

o   Raising me the way you did, in a traditional Italian household, where family means everything (and the pasta is really yum).

o   Being my mom and my dad for many years.

o   Making sacrifices so I could have the things you never did.

o   Teaching me right from wrong, and making sure I never forgot it.

o   Teaching me the meaning of complete and utter unconditional love.

o   Being my biggest fan and my best critic.

o   Supporting me in everything that I do (except my tattoos, which is okay)

o   Being so proud of me, and sticking by my side no matter what.

o   Warning me about certain people, but still being there for me when you were right and they turned out to be assholes who hurt my feelings.


There are many things I owe to my mom, including those things that I feel are core to who I am as a person: independence, strength, strong values and an unwavering love and appreciation for my family.

I also inherited stubbornness, a bit of a filthy mouth and a “f*** you” attitude (see what I said about the dirty mouth) from her; and these are the things I would never want to change about myself, even if I could. Also, we have the same brown eyes.


While I may not say it enough mom, I am very proud of you and how far you have come (and how far we have come together, for that matter). I am grateful to have you as my mother, and am also grateful for all that we have been through, because I have those experiences to thank for who I am today. Thank you mom, Happy (belated) Mother’s Day.


You and Me, Kid. I will always, always, love you.



Your favourite (and only) child.



One thought on “A Mother’s Day Card

  1. Another quality you inherited ……. smooth operator!!!!!
    I love you and thank you for the honour of this blog!!!
    Wish you had found nicer pictures.
    And the pleasure is all mine ……
    Am proud of you and always will be!!
    Thank you babe.
    You and me Kid!!!!!!

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